Mikey Richards (Violent Soho)

Mikey Richards is the drummer for Violent Soho and a passionate philosopher. 

In this episode Mikey talks about:

    • his history with singing and how his classical-trained experience differs from Luke Boerdam’s (singer of Violent Soho) non-traditional experience
    • the importance of showing yourself for who you truly are and not comparing yourself to others 
    • the feeling of starting over when making Hungry Ghost
    • how to free yourself from creative obligations and the pressure of your online identity
    • how to break illogical patterns of thinking
  • the power of meditation
  • how he approaches session drumming
  • and lots more!

Listen to the audio-only version of the podcast at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube or wherever else you listen to podcasts. 


Mikey Richards of Violent Soho interview episode in video format

Mikey Richards of Violent Soho interview episode in audio format



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Mikey Richards - Violent Soho

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