Liam Edward Brennan (Cinematographer and Filmmaker)

Liam Edward Brennan is an award-winning cinematographer from Sydney, Australia. Liam has worked on awesome commercial projects including Chris Hemsworth’s Centr, David Jones, McDonalds Monopoly, and some equally as good music photography projects with bands such as Powderfinger, Violent Soho and more. In this episode Liam talks about:

  • How guitar led him to cinematography
  • How video work has changed over the years with changing income streams
  • The pitfalls of running your own business
  • How his ‘send 100 emails’ rule started one of his longest working collaborations
  • Why multiple show reels are better than one
  • How to justify your rates and when to accept less than your standard rate
  • What goes into advertising cinematography

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Liam Edward Brennan interview episode in video format

Liam Edward Brennan interview episode in audio format



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