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Listen to the Creative Detour Podcast – honest conversations with creative people. Hear about how they made themselves into the success they are today.


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Loved by all types of creatives

“I've followed you on instagram for some time now and last night on a whim I chucked on your latest episode of Creative Detour with Liam Brennan and I was simply floored by how relatable and informative I found the discussion you two were having!”

James Latter    Photographer


About Creative Detour

Creative Detour cuts through the ‘fake-it-til-you-make-it’ attitudes and gets to the core of what goes into following creative passions.

What is Creative Detour?
Creative Detour is a podcast hosted by me, Matthew James Oxlade. Each episode features an in-depth discussion with a creative and what goes into their creative process.

As a photographer, I met many creatives and got tired of hearing fabricated versions of how they got to where they were in their journey. Fake stories about being paid when you’re not paid, doing work you were never hired to do, and everything in between made other creatives feel like they couldn’t achieve their dreams or were failing through comparison. Creative Detour is a strictly honest conversation that starts with a simple question – ‘What was your first memory of being creative?’.

Where can I listen to Creative Detour?
Creative Detour is available on all major podcasting platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Pocketcasts and more.Video versions are also available on YouTube.

Can I be on Creative Detour?
You can be! All you need to be on Creative Detour is a story to tell, and a willingness to be open about your journey – warts and all.

How can I support the podcast?
Firstly, just listening to the podcast is supporting it. Thank you!

But if you’d like to take your support a step further, rating the podcast is also helpful. In the age of the algorithm, any engagement is helpful raising the profile of the podcast.